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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a non-stop medical care in Marinske Lazne?

Yes, there are an emergency and first-aid service in the city hospital. There is also a dental emeregency.

What are the parking posibilities in the city centre?

The visitors of Marianske Lazne can use a guarded parking house or areas with parking meters. The price is approx. 1 euro per 1 hour. For longer stays the parking house or the guarded parking spaces of hotels are recommended. A daily fee is about 8 euro.

What is the crime rate in Marianske Lazne?

Marianske Lazne is visited by many foreign toursit and therefore has the similar problems as other tourist centres. On the other hand, complience with basic security rules will ensure a trouble-free stay. You should not leave your car in unguarded and little frequented places.

Where can I change my money?

There are number of exchange offices in Marianske Lazne. The exchange rate is often very favourable, just make sure you know all the fees of the transaction. The safest are the local banks or the reception desk of your hotel.

How does the public transport work?

The public transport is based on several trolley bus lines. The ticket costs only 7 crowns (25 cents).The regional buses and trains are very cheep too. Several taxi companies offer their services.

How long is the summer season?

It depends on the type of the activity. In general, the summer season is, due to the high altitude, relatively shorter compared to other spas in the Czech Republic. For example, the local golf course is in an excellent shape from May till October.

How long is the winter sports season?

December, January and February are relatively safe months for skiing thanks to the altitude, snow-making and northerly orientation of the slopes. The cross country skiing is more weather-dependant but the high altitude has a very positive effect.

I want to explore the surroudings of Marianske Lazne. Can I buy a trip?

Yes. There are several travel agencies in Marianske Lazne offering one day tours.

How much is the food in restaurants?

The reataurants in Marianske Lazne are of various price levels. A typical menu in a stylish restaurant costs between 5 and 6 euro.