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Attractions in Marianske Lazne

Singing Fountain

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The Singing Fountain is located on the place in front of the Main Colonnade. A fantastic water spectacle accompanied by famous classical music compositions can be seen at regular intervals. The Singing Fountain is especially beautiful after dusk when light effects join the show. Link to Singing Fountain weekely schedule.

Mineral Springs

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There are more than 40 mineral springs in the urban area of Marianske Lazne. Even more striking is the very diverse chemical composition of the springs. Thanks to this exceptional natural phenomenon a large number of various diseases are cured in Marianske Lazne. Most of the springs are open to the public and their use is free of charge.


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Most of the buildings in the spa center were built within relatively short period in a wonderful historistic style. The great architecture blends harmonically with beautiful spa parks. In 1992 the value of the place was acknowledged by the authorities and Marianske Lazne was declared a heritage site with many listed buildings.


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Marianske Lazne has allways been visited by guests of different religions. That is why in Marianske Lazne, town with only 15 000 citizens, one can find Roman Catholic, evangelic, Anglican as well as orthodox church.

There used to be a magnificent synagogue in Marianske Lazne. In 1938 the synagogue was, as many others in the country, destroyed by the Nacis during the “Crystal Night”. The site of the synagogue has been left un-built in deference to the tragedy of the Jews.


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Colonnades have allways been the centre of the spa life. The dominant point of Marianske Lazne is the Main Colonnade – an impressive cast iron structure. Next to the Main Colonnade one can admire the colonnades of Cross and Caroline Spring. Another wonderful building is the Ferdinand Spring colonnade – the dominant of the park in the lower part of the spa.


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The spa parks are the pride of Marianske Lazne. They cover a great part of the city. The visitors admire their elegance and variety of tree species. The parks were designed more than 150 years ago by genial landscape architect Vaclav Skalnik and their genius loci has been preserved to this very day.

Spa wafers

You can “sweeten” your stay in Marianske Lazne with local speciality – spa wafers, which have been produced here since 1856. They are very light wafers with an unusual round shape, best served fresh and still warm.

F. Chopin Memorial

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Fryderyk Chopin memorial residing at the Chopin House was opened in 1960. In the first part exhibits coherent with Chopins life ( 1810 – 1849 ), with his stay in Bohemia and with the family Wodzinsky are displayed. In the second part of the Memorial activities of the Fryderyk Chopin Society are demonstrated. In the concert Hall graphics and bibliophilic prints by important Czech graphic artists are displayed and during the visit visitors also can enjoy recorded music by Chopin.

Municipal Museum Marianske Lazne

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The museum is situated in the oldest house of the spa centre – built in 1818. In this house stayed Johann Wolfgang Goethe during one of his visits to Marianske Lazne. The museum features the rooms used by Goethe equipped with original artefacts. The further offer for visitors includes lectures and exhibition on Marianske Lazne with emphasis on the mineral springs and spa.

Deer park

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The deer park is located close to the hotel Krakonos. At the end of the park there is a fenced meadow. There the visitors can observe fallow and roe deer at a very close distance.


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Miniaturpark is located next to the hotel Krakonos, above Marianske Lazne. The visitors can admire exact copies of famous buildings from the Czech Republic.

Geological park

The park is located in a natural environment of a forest park above the city. The park features typical minerals which can be found in the Slavkovsky Les Nature Reserve.